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The AI-powered app delivering swift, reliable answers to all your questions about Catholic teaching

FaithGuide: the AI-powered app delivering swift, reliable answers to all your questions about Catholic teaching. Perfect for newcomers and those seeking to deepen their knowledge. Exploring the rich wisdom of the Catholic Church has never been easier. From Sacraments to saints, FaithGuide covers it all. Rest assured, the app aligns its responses with the Catechism and Canon Law, ensuring accuracy and authenticity. Unveil the profound teachings of theologians and the historical milestones that have shaped the Church over centuries. Make FaithGuide, your trusted AI companion on the path to spiritual enlightenment.


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How to use FaithGuide

Start by entering the topic you want an answer to.  For example: Type in ‘Baptism’ in the space under “Your Topic” and then click on submit.  

A response will be received after a few seconds.  You can copy the text generated or download it and save on your computer.

In most cases you can type one or two words e.g. “marriage” or “Attending Mass”. 

If you don’t get the response you expected simply clear the answer and modify your question slightly.

Examples of questions to ask

  • What is the Church’s position on abortion (or simply type abortion)
  • Family
  • Marriage
  • Sacraments (Baptism, Communion, Reconciliation/Confession, Confirmation)
  • Saint Alphonsus
  • The environment
  • Social Justice
  • The Bible 
  • Any other topic

Notes on responses

The app uses AI technology to provide answers and so we cannot guarantee the quality of all answers.  However, the extensive testing we have undertaken has shown that in over 90% of queries made the responses have been accurate. Use it to get answers to your general questions on the faith.

Note that the App is just a tool and should not be relied upon as a sole source of information or guidance for important decisions. The teachings and guidance of the Catholic Church should ultimately come from qualified experts, such as priests and other religious leaders.”

Please leave a comment about your experience using he app so we can fine tune if needed.  Include the topic you searched.