The Living Word

For Homilies and Reflection

For over 30 years, The Living Word has been the most successful publication of its kind in the English-speaking world, helping thousands worldwide in the preparation of their homilies, prayer services and faith developments. 

The complete material for each Sunday and principal feast is edited and written to accompany The Lectionary.

Better for the environment

Digital Living Word is better for the environment by minimising the use of paper and reduced carbon emissions caused by shipping.  

Theologically sound

Writers of the reflection and commentary on the scripture are carefully chosen and all articles are vetted by experienced theologians.


Easy Homily preparation and ready to use prayers are included in an editable Microsoft Word format. 

Three Subscription Options

  1. The Sunday Living Word only

  2. Weekday Living Word only

  3. Bundled – Both The Sunday and Weekday Living Word
    (Best Value)

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