A perpetual prayer for loved ones

We all have family and friends who may be struggling and in need of prayers. To assist those who would like to reach out to loved ones, Majellan and the Redemptorists have introduced a new Personalised Prayer Card that includes an image of the icon of Our Lady of Perpetual Help (OLPH).


The nicely presented card pack includes

  • A beautiful image of the icon of Our Lady of Perpetual Help
  • A prayer and leaflet explaining the meaning of the icon
  • and a personal message from you.

In addition to mailing the card directly to the person you nominate, the Redemptorists will include prayers at a private Mass.


This icon proclaims the message that Mary, who comforted Jesus in His sufferings, is able to comfort us in ours. Jesus is the Redeemer who is perpetually present while Mary is the Mother whose help is perpetually present to us.


The card will provide a message of hope and comfort and recipients will also be advised that prayers for them will be included in a private Mass said by the Redemptorists.


You can personalise the Mass Intention and have this card sent directly to the intended receiver. It will remain with them as ‘words of comfort and hope’ that they can frame.


Your Mass Intention will also be offered at a private Mass celebrated by the Redemptorists’ community.


You can order a Card and Mass Intention online at www.majellan.media/product/9780892465125

Or fill in the form below.


The cost is $6.50 to cover costs, and you may wish to add a donation to the Redemptorists for the Mass.


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