Advent Calendar 2022

Take time each day to reflect, pray, listen and allow the Holy Spirit into our lives and celebrate, really celebrate that Jesus is with us.

We all struggle with it, don’t we? We want and need to keep our family’s focus on the true meaning of Christmas —the celebration of the birth of Christ Jesus—but it’s so easy for the message to be lost in the hustle and chaos of the season. As we count down the days to Christmas, a great way to keep the focus on Jesus is to use a time-honoured tradition—the advent calendar.

Amid the busyness of the season, it can be difficult to remember to stop and take a break from shopping, decorating, and baking for some time together to reflect upon the true reason we celebrate this season. This time is important, so cherish these moments together. Enjoy your family’s advent traditions or start fresh this year.

The most important step is to prioritize the time each day! Keep your commitment to come together each day to remember and celebrate the reason for the season.


Our Advent calendar is designed to help participate more actively in the season of Advent as we await the joyful celebration of Christmas.

The calendar has a short reflection, and suggestion of an action to help pray each day and remember that in our preparation for Christmas, we are awaiting the birth of Jesus our Redeemer.

Click on a door to open.  (Note: door only opens on or after the scheduled day)
door-Day 1, 27 Nov
door-Day 2 - 28 Nov
door-Day 3, 29 Nov
door-Day 4, 30 Nov
door-Day 5, 1 Dec
door-Day 6, 2 Dec
door-Day 7, 3 Dec
door-Day 8, 4 Dec
door-Day 9, 5 Dec
door-Day 10, 6 Dec
door-Day 11, 7 Dec
door-Day 12, 8 Dec
door-Day 13, 9 Dec
door-Day 14, 10 Dec
door-Day 15, 11 Dec
door-Day 16, 12 Dec
door-Day 17, 13 Dec
door-Day 18, 14 Dec
door-Day 19, 15 Dec
door-Day 20, 16 Dec
door-Day 21, 17 Dec
door-Day 22, 18 Dec
door-Day 23, 19 Dec
door-Day 24, 20 Dec
door-Day 25, 21 Dec
door-Day 26 - 22 December
door-Day 27 - 23 December
door-Day 28 - 24 December
door-Day 29 Christmas Day