• Three-minute reflections.

  • Written by  Redemptorist priests

  • New reflection each Wednesday

Almost 30 years ago Majellan introduced Catholic Faithline which included two monthly messages that were written by former Majellan editors Max Barrett CSsR and Bill Stinson CSsR. Father Stinson and now Bishop Paul Bird CSsR recorded the messages.

Family reflections cover many issues  ranging from bullying to how to improve your marriage.

After 30 years  the time is right to bring it back! Renamed Faith onLine (to reflect the new way it is delivered) these weekly, three minute messages will provide support for issues that affect the family and faith.

These days there are many new ways to distribute the service. Faith onLine is free on our website and the Majellan Media app.

We encourage you to share these reflections


Faith onLine Recordings

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Family Reflections

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Start of Advent
Social Jusice for all
Remembrance Day Reflection
Power of positive thinking
We Remember Our Loved Ones All Souls Day
Mission for Religious
Grudges and forgiveness
Living the Gospel
Coping with Failure
Eucharist and the Mass
Joseph and Mary as parents
Prayer of Thanksgiving
Struggling with Faith
Mary Mother Assumption
St Alphonsus
Bearing fruit in later years
Tips to Sleep Well
Sensitivity in Marriage
Dealing with family conflict
Resolving Family Conflict
Encouraging Your Family
Laudato Si
Mary Mother of God
Building Self Esteem in Children

Sunday Reflections

0:00 / 0:00
Walking in the Light if the Lord
Christ the King
Faithful Endurance
God delights in our humanity
God's mercy for all creation
Pride and Prejudice
Persistence in prayer
A spiritual jingle
Faith is not measured by size
Knowing the nobody as somebody
No place for greed in God’s world
Seeing ourselves as rescued sheep
The cost of following Jesus
Extending our hospitality
Instruments of God's work
Peace that Stays with you
Waiting for Jesus' Return
What’s important in life
The promise of God’s grace
Turning a blind eye is not the Christian way