• Three-minute reflections.

  • Written by  Redemptorist priests

  • New reflection each Wednesday

Almost 30 years ago Majellan introduced Catholic Faithline which included two monthly messages that were written by former Majellan editors Max Barrett CSsR and Bill Stinson CSsR. Father Stinson and now Bishop Paul Bird CSsR recorded the messages.

Family reflections cover many issues  ranging from bullying to how to improve your marriage.

After 30 years  the time is right to bring it back! Renamed Faith onLine (to reflect the new way it is delivered) these weekly, three minute messages will provide support for issues that affect the family and faith.

These days there are many new ways to distribute the service. Faith onLine is free on our website and the Majellan Media app.

We encourage you to share these reflections


Faith onLine Recordings

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Family Reflections

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Life Balance
Faith Communities
Faith and Family
Mary as Mother
Resolving Family Conflict
Fun and romance
People of Love
Listening in families
Easter Reflection
Palm Sunday
Life is greater than death
Reflecting on World Harmony Day
Protecting the planet from greed

Sunday Readings Reflection

Sunday Reflections

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I am with you always
New Life with the Spirit
Called out of Isolation
Our shepherd protector
Christ walks with us
Faith in the Future
Not the end of the world!
Jesus is the resurrection and the life
Having faith in dark times
Finding God amongst the outcasts
Mountain top experience
Christ's love touches us all
Learn to love not hate
Sharing Christ’s light