• Three-minute reflections.

  • New reflection each Wednesday

Almost 30 years ago Majellan introduced Catholic Faithline which included two monthly messages that were written by former Majellan editors Max Barrett CSsR and Bill Stinson CSsR. Father Stinson and now Bishop Paul Bird CSsR recorded the messages.

 Renamed Faith onLine these weekly, three minute messages will provide support for issues that affect the family and faith.

These days there are many new ways to distribute the service. Faith onLine is free on our website and the Majellan Media app.

We encourage you to share these reflections


Faith onLine Recordings

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A reflection for the 1st week of Advent
Domestic Abuse
Protecting Children
Rememberence Day 2023
All Souls
Prayer for Peace
Laudate Deum
Healing power of compassion
Baptism, a sacrament of beauty
The world with AI
RU Okay?
Father's day reflection
The Assumption
Protecting the planet
Money Issues
Reflecting on Parenting
Grandparents and Elderly
Difficult families
Dealing with Stress
Life Balance
Protecting the planet from greed
Faith Communities
Mary as Mother
Fun and romance

Sunday Readings Reflection

Sunday Reflections

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Are we prepared?
We all belong to one another
Don’t be afraid to use your gifts
Being awake and prepared
Oh Lord, it’s hard to be humble
Love your neighbour
Avoiding a Tricky Question
Staying faithful to Jesus’ teaching
Pray that God walks with us
God’s lavish generosity
Love is the greater power
The way of the Cross