Feast day streamed live

The Saint Gerard Majella Blessing was live streamed to the world on his feast day on October 16 for the third consecutive year.


People could view the 30-minute liturgy from Majellan House, Brighton on Facebook and YouTube. Led by Father Sam Kono CSsR, Redemptorist priests and brothers from the Formation House in Kew, Melbourne provided the music and sang the hymns while there was a special blessing for families and children. Fr Sam also blessed a collection of prayers and intentions to St Gerard that families had sent in prior to his feast day.


St Gerard is the patron saint of mothers, expectant mothers and the unborn. He was born in Italy in 1726 and became a lay brother of the order of the Congregation of the Redeemer or the Redemptorists, as they are more commonly known.


Majellan Media CEO Tony Biviano said the past few years had been difficult for families. “This year saw a return to normal after two years of Covid lockdowns but the pressure on people’s mental health and wellbeing continues because of rising mortgage rates and an increase in the general cost of living so the need for prayer has never been greater,” he said. 


“On a bright note, the liturgy was held at Majellan House for the first time in three years which was terrific. It had been held there since the early 1960s so reviving that tradition added significantly to the occasion.”

The liturgy can still be viewed at: https://youtu.be/CDC5xpAacDg


Image: Father Sam Kono CSsR leads the Blessing at Majellan House, Brighton.


Top Image: Fr Manoj Kunnath, CSsR with parishioners at St Gerard’s Blessing at Sacred Heart Church in Ayr, Queensland.


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