Welcome to a new way of generating homilies or homily ideas.
This page is a work in progress and designed to test and train Artificial Intelligence (AI) to produce content that is valuable in producing homilies that can be copied and edited by you.
Our goal is to have the AI produce meaningful outputs in a very short time in order to save you time.
We also want it to be very easy to use.
You only need to include a few prompts to produce a homily of up to 1000 words.
We encourage you to test it with various topics. Really put it through its paces and then let us know what you think of the output and how it might be improved.

Homily Builder

This is the active pre-release version beta testing. No emebddings - Not for distribution.

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How to use

Fill in the fields starting with the key theme of your homily or “Topic”

Then type in any “key words” you want your homily to be about. For example if your homily is about Marriage you might want to include key words such as  “love” and/or “Life Long commitment”  You can enter as many key words as you like.

Enter the number of words you want for your homily (the maximum is 1000 words)

Also include any scripture passages you would like to reference as part of your homily.  These could be the readings of the day for example. If you do not wish to reference any specific passages just type in “any” the AI will select relevant passages.

You should also choose a delivery style for your homily from the drop down list.

You can also ask for a number of answers. Try 2- 3 for best results

Click on “generate” and wait for the AI to construct your homily.  The output will include the full text and a dot point summary.

You can then copy and paste the output into any word editor.

Do try out different inputs and tweak key words if you are not happy with the initial result.

After you have tried it please fill in the questionaire to help us improve the AI output.

Thank you

Help us improve the responses.

Please take a moment to provide feedback on the quality of the output by answering a few questions about your experience using the Homily Builder.