🫢 A World Woven Together🫢

β€œWe can walk together to change the status quo.” – Ken Wyatt



Celebrate NAIDOC, a time to see, the beauty of First Nations, proud and free.

With open hearts and hands we meet, in unity, our spirits greet.

We dance and sing, we learn, we share, in stories told with love and care.

From Dreamtime lore to modern day, we honour in the olden way.

Through art and craft, we weave the past, in vibrant hues, these memories last.

With painted faces, hearts alight, we celebrate in full daylight.

In every step, respect we show, for cultures rich and histories flow.

NAIDOC week, a time to stand, together strong, across this land.

With pride and joy, we mark this week, in every voice, the future speaks.

Let’s walk as one, hand in hand, in celebration, we understand

Lord, help us open our hearts and minds to learn about and respect our Indigenous people’s cultures.Β  Let us listen to their stories,

appreciate their strength and celebrate their contributions.Β  Guide us to walk together in peace and understanding, building a future of respect and unity.Β  Amen.”