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Many Australians are struggling with day-to-day living costs. Data is showing the destructive impact of increasing interest rates, and the rising cost of commodities including groceries, petrol, gas and electricity.


A National Australia Bank survey of 2000 Aussies released in March found 40 per cent of people were experiencing some form of financial hardship. One in five people surveyed said they didn’t have enough money for emergencies; 16 per cent were unable to cover food or basics, and 14 per cent could not pay a bill.


And a study released last month revealed that many Australians are living on the brink of financial crisis, with as little as 15 per cent having no money saved for an emergency. The survey of 1003 adults organised by the financial comparison website, Compare the Market, found 15 per cent had no extra money stashed away for hard times.


With the current economic conditions causing so much distress the website, Ask Izzy, could be of assistance. The website connects people in need with housing, food, money, family violence support, counselling and much more. It is free and anonymous, with more than 350,000 services listed across Australia.


For example, people can access community meals near where they live.



Community meals are a cheap or free service that are offered by charitable and social organisations in local communities around the country. These meals are usually served at a church, a community centre, or a food van.


An initiative of Infoxchange, in partnership with Google, REA Group and News Corp Australia, people can also donate to Ask Izzy. By donating, you will also help in the distribution of mobile power cards to support services throughout Australia, providing an important lifeline for individuals and families in need of support.  


The website can be found at: www.askizzy.org.au


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