Intimacy equals happy marriage

Intimacy in a relationship is paramount. Couples cannot grow together and thrive without closeness and personal connection.


Unfortunately, a lack of intimacy can cause a breakdown in marriages and in relationships generally. People can feel incomplete and unworthy if they are not relating properly with their partner.


But intimacy and being close to your loved one is not just about the physical aspect, but the spiritual side as well. Intimacy for Christians occurs when a husband and wife relinquish their lives and relationship to God. They grow together spiritually when they live out their marriage relationship according to God’s ways.


Being selfless, caring and sharing are some of the characteristics of a loving relationship.


Spiritual growth is the responsibility of both individuals. But spiritual intimacy happens when you experience God together and share what you have learned. So, is there anything stopping you and your best friend from growing together spiritually? One of these roadblocks to spiritual intimacy could be at fault:


  • “I don’t have time for spiritual things. We have more pressing issues right now.”
  • “I’m afraid God will expect more than we can do.”
  • “My other half isn’t interested in spiritual matters.”


Many people don’t fully understand the power spiritual intimacy can have on their relationship. It can be described this way: Emotional and physical intimacy ignites the rocket in a marriage, but spiritual intimacy fires the afterburners and gets a couple into orbit!


Emotional and physical attraction is what draws people together in the first place, but the spiritual connection is what keeps them together. Some of the benefits of spiritual intimacy in a marriage:

  • It empowers love between two people.
  • It allows you to connect at the deepest level.
  • It links you with God’s purposes and plans for you.
  • It brings your deepest values and desires into agreement.
  • It opens the door to the deepest levels of communication.
  • It empowers your marriage to survive.


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