Advent Reflection

Week one of Advent 2021

It's a time of waiting

When COVID-19 began to impact negatively on all aspects of our lives last year, we questioned when the situation would turn around for the better. We heard a lot of predictions but in reality, no one knew when the pandemic would end. And we still don’t.

Now we begin the Advent journey. We are waiting for the coming of the Lord, but no one knows when it is going to happen. Our faith certainly tells us that the Lord will come and he will come unexpectedly. This should not frighten or confuse us. During his earthly life, Jesus showed us that our God is all loving and merciful. Our God cares for us and continues to love us through the presence of the Holy Spirit. God is faithful to His people and to His promise to us.

Jesus left us with a simple commandment, yet a challenging one. “Love God and love your neighbour.” The period of waiting does not matter, but the quality life of our discipleship does matter. This is more important as we ready ourselves to welcome the Lord. The first reading reminds us that we are the clay potted by God to be his own image and likeness. It is very fragile but God’s grace for all, keeps us moving so we can continue living the life of a disciple.

So, Advent is a joyful season as we wait for the Lord’s coming. In order to have the fulness of Joy promised to us, we are invited to live the life that God has for everyone; a life for the glory of God and for the goodness of His creation. The pandemic and other struggles we encounter day-to-day might lead us to doubt and question the presence of God. It is sometimes hard to wait for the Lord’s coming while we are surrounded with the fear and the difficulties life brings.

But stay awake! This is an urgent invitation. Whatever our response, God continues loving us and will be faithful to us. If we want this invitation to be fruitful leading us to true joy and the fullness of life, we should live “the time of waiting” by trusting God totally, by respecting one another and caring for the whole of God’s creation.

Remember, we have an advocate, the Holy Spirit, who guides and leads us to live the life of the Lord. Let us be joyful and join with Saint Paul by saying, “I never stop thanking God for all the graces we have received through Jesus Christ.”

God bless you all.

Redempt Jawa CSsR

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