Life for Australian kids is good but …

We have long known that being born in Australia gives you a stronger chance of enjoying a good standard of living compared to those born in many other countries.

This is backed up by a report by UNICEF into the current state of children’s wellbeing which shows Australia is performing well in many areas. The Children’s Wellbeing Index focuses on the importance of strong, healthy families in creating a prosperous society. It reaffirms that Australian children have a good life expectancy from birth, receive a quality education, and enjoy strong support from friends and family.


Also, about 91% of children in Australia are fully immunised by the age of two, more than four in every five children attend preschool, showing a strong commitment to early childhood education, and about four in every five young adults (aged 18-24) report feeling empowered to have a say among family and friends on important issues.


But it is not all good news! The Covid-19 pandemic has led to increased mental health issues amongst many Australians while the divisions that already existed between the children who do well and the ones who don’t have worsened.


So, there are areas where improvement is needed.


For example, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children under 18 are seven times more likely to be in out-of-home care than the population average. And compared to the rest of the population, they still struggle in many areas including poverty and standards of education.


The report also states that one in six children in Australia live below the national poverty line and almost 95% of children do not eat the daily recommended intake of vegetables. 



This is where parents have an important role to play. The wellbeing of Australia’s children is an indication of the strength and health of their families. By focusing on areas such as child poverty, nutrition, and the wellbeing of Indigenous children, we can work towards the creation of a more equitable and a thriving environment for all our children.


Strong, healthy families are the foundation of a successful society, so it’s up to parents to support their children’s health, education, and emotional wellbeing.


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