Looking after the land

The annual celebration of landcare in Australia will be held during the second week of August.


Acknowledging the people who are restoring, enhancing and protecting the natural environment in their community, the theme for Landcare Week this year is ‘Be inspired, be empowered, be a landcarer’.


The landcare movement has more than 6,000 groups and 140,000 plus volunteers, including farmers, landowners, Traditional Owners, Coastcare, Dunecare and Rivercare groups, Landcare facilitators and coordinators, youth groups and other community groups. They are involved in protecting, enhancing or restoring their local environment.


The Junior Landcare program provides a pathway for children to become lifelong landcarers starting with early learning childhood centres through to primary and secondary schools.



Landcare Week will showcase how ‘Landcare Is For Everyone’. It will celebrate the achievements of all, from farmers planting wildlife corridors on their properties to students learning about biodiversity and where their food comes from.


The Landcare website says, “Landcare brings everyone together to actively be involved in conservation land management, improve biodiversity and promote sustainable agriculture”.


The aims of Landcare Week are consistent with Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si’ “to hear the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor and to humbly place ourselves in communion with our common home.”


A Landcare communications kit is available that includes social media content to publish on your social media channels; newsletter articles to include in your e-newsletters; a letter/email to send to your landcare stakeholders and a poster to add to community noticeboards encouraging people to get involved.


Landcare Week runs from August 7 to 13.


Further details from Landcare Week – Landcare Australia Landcare Australia


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