Family Prayer Time

Prayer for Charity

Jesus, open our eyes that we may see you in all our sisters and brothers.
     Open our minds that we may understand their hopes and dreams,
                   their sorrows and pain, their longing for you.
                             Open our hearts to give generously of ourselves.
                                            Grant us wisdom to respond effectively to the needs
                                                             of your people with grace and compassion.

Give us the courage to speak your words of life,
          peace, love, mercy and human solidarity.
                   Bless the people whom we serve,
                              and strengthen the staff and volunteers
                                             who reach out to them
                                                            every day in your spirit of Charity. Amen.

family prayers for daily grace

Provides prayerful words that cover Family many experiences. 


Dealing with Imperfection

Lord, we’re often very quick to see
         the faults in other people,
      but very slow to notice our own faults
Let us be honest enough to see ourselves
       as we really are – a mixture of good and bad –
                  just like the people we often criticize.
Teach us, Lord, to be less critical of others.

Developing a Spirit of Adventure

Lord, teach us how to live each day
     with a spirit of adventure, curiosity and wonder.

Let us constantly seek out
      new things to learn,
                new people to meet,
                        and new and interesting things to do

Help us to accept, Lord,
     that if our lives become dull and boring,
            it’s because we allow them
                   to become dull and boring

Inspire us to take responsibility
     for living our lives to the full.

Feeling Dread

We tend to fret about
      all the “what-ifs” in our lives.

Lord, don’t let us constantly worry
      about what tomorrow may bring.

Remind us that many of the things we dread
        end up never really happening.

Let us learn to simply trust in your help
      and always firmly believe that you will
            give us the strength to deal with tomorrow
                 When tomorrow finally comes.

Feeling Worthy

Lord, there are times when we feel
         unimportant, unworthy, and totally inadequate.

When we feel this way, please step in
     and restore our self-confidence.

Lift out spirits, Lord,
     and help us to feel good about ourselves.

Love us when we find it hard
           to love ourselves. 

Speaking up for beliefs

Lord, give us the courage
       to stand up for what we believe in.

May we never be intimidated
       into keeping quiet about
             the things we believe in – 
       Even if others disagree with us
             or even try to belittle us.

For those who are Sick

Lord, we ask you to give strength and comfort
to all the people who are sick and suffering.
especially to the small children who are ill.
Take away their fears and their pain. Lord,
       and bring comfort and healing to them.

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