💝 A Mother’s Love 💝

A Mother’s love is something that no one can explain,

It is made of deep devotion and of sacrifice and pain,

It is endless and unselfish and enduring come what may,

For nothing can destroy it or take that love away.

It is patient and forgiving when all others are forsaking,

And it never fails or falters even though the heart is breaking.

It believes beyond believing when the world around condemns,

And it glows with all the beauty of the rarest, brightest gems.

It is far beyond defining, it defies all explanation,

And it still remains a secret like the mysteries of creation.

A many splendoured miracle man cannot understand,

And another wondrous evidence of God’s tender guiding hand.

~ Helen Steiner Rice ~

Mothers are the pillars of our lives.  Their love knows no bounds, shaping us into who we are today.
For those fortunate enough to still feel their embrace, cherish every moment,

every laugh, every hug.  For those whose mothers live on in memory, hold tight to the lessons
learned and the love shared.  Though their physical presence may be absent, their influence remains,
guiding us through life’s twists and turns.

On Mother’s Day, let us honour all mothers, for their unwavering strength, boundless love and enduring legacy.


Dear God, This Mother’s Day we lift up all mothers in prayer, celebrating the joy they bring to our lives. 
Bless them with moments of laughter and precious memories with their children. 
May their hearts be filled with happiness, their spirits lifted with love and their days brightened by hope. 
Lord, let us remember the mothers we have lost, may their love continue to shine brightly in our hearts.  Amen.