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  • Faith Development

    Handbook for Today’s Catholic Children

    Will entertain, inform and inspire children in the ways of faith.

  • Faith Development

    Cecilia – Singing and Sharing the Faith

    As a young woman in Rome more than 200 years after Christ’s resurrection, Cecilia was promised in marriage to Valerian, a non- Christian.

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  • Faith Development

    Beyond Pain – Job, Jesus, and Joy

    Beyond Pain is an in-depth look at how people can not only live with pain but come to see it and all suffering with the eyes of faith.

  • Family & Marriage

    Preparing For a Lifetime of Love

    Imagine an engaged couple preparing for marriage having an opportunity to sit down with Pope Francis himself and listen to the pope speak from his heart about marriage and love, commitment, and faith and joy! That’s exactly what Preparing for a Lifetime of Love offers every engaged couple.

  • Faith Development

    Walking In Love With Pope Francis

    These thirty reflections are drawn from the sections of The Joy of Love in which Pope Francis speaks directly to families—how they live and grow, how they meet daily challenges, and how they pass on the faith.