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    Parents: Builders of a Nation’s True Greatness

    The Family is the true measure of the greatness of a nation.

  • Family & Marriage

    Pep Talks For Catholic Parents

    Every Catholic parent could use a spiritual pep talk now and then.

  • Healing

    Scripture Pathways To Inner Healing

    How scripture really helps heal inner hurts.

  • Prayer & Meditation

    Seasons of the Word – NEW EDITION

    In this 20th anniversary edition of this book

  • Prayer & Meditation

    Peace Be With You

    Addresses the needs of the sick.

  • Prayer & Meditation

    A Season Of Holiness – Advent 2018

  • Prayer & Meditation

    365 Devotions For Catholic Women

    Enriching, thoughtful, and prayerful reflections address the unique challenges and joys that women face in the world today

  • Prayer & Meditation

    Simple Gifts: Everyday Reflections, Prayers and Actions

    This small book of everyday reflections and prayers reveals that literally everything in daily life can reflect God’s love and goodness. A smile, a knock at the door, a seed waiting to be sown, a leaf, through these simple gifts, prayer washes over all the moments of the day and makes it more spiritual and meaningful.

  • Children's Books

    Teaching Kids to Care

    Reflections, Activities and Prayers on Practicing Virtues.
    Organized by 25 virtues—compassion, empathy, justice, and more—this essential resource also includes brief reflections and prayers for each virtue. The ideas and approaches can be used at home, in classrooms, or in small or large groups to help children of all ages grow into the compassionate and caring people God created them to be.

  • Faith Development

    Walking In Love With Pope Francis

    These thirty reflections are drawn from the sections of The Joy of Love in which Pope Francis speaks directly to families—how they live and grow, how they meet daily challenges, and how they pass on the faith.