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    Be Healed in Heart

    Let us pray together that the healing power of God may

  • Depression

    Climbing Up From Depression

  • Faith Development

    Be Beautiful, Be You

    “After spending years wanting to look like everyone else, I realized I needed to love and accept myself just as I am.

  • Faith Development

    What Makes Me Special

  • Faith Development

    When the World Makes Me Scared

  • Faith Development

    Body Mind Spirit – OUT OF STOCK!

    Body Mind Spirit will not only “provide a picture of what a spiritually healing person looks like but (will) provide a road map to help you get there yourself.”

  • Faith Development

    Building Positive Relationships

    Wherever we go we take ourselves, especially into relationships which are central to our lives. It takes time to unlearn destructive attitudes that we have learned over time, sometimes unthinkingly,and acquire new habits

  • Faith Development

    Choosing Happiness

    While it’s easy to give up or give in to social pressure, Lizzie shows us how choosing happiness is better, and how with faith, prayer, friends a good attitude – and late-night taco runs – you can overcome anything.

  • Counselling & Pastoral Care

    Anger Management

    I couldn’t help myself: I was so angry that I exploded and said things that I later regretted.

    We’ve all felt anger churning away inside like a volcano which is almost ready to erupt; experienced the stress of trying to remain calm so that our angry words and actions don’t hurt ourselves or others
    either emotionally or physically. This book offers practical ideas and strategies which help to peacefully manage that inner volcano.

  • Bereavement

    Children And Loss

    Sue McDermott OBE, Executive Director of Rainbows Bereavement Support GB, shares her many years of face-to-face experience throughout the pages of this book.

  • Bereavement

    Meditations For Those Left Behind By Suicide

    So many people today are touched by suicide. “Why would someone do this?” “Is there anything I could have done to prevent it?” “Where did I fail?” “Why? Why? Why?” In this short book of meditations and prayers, Woodeene Koenig-Bricker, herself a survivor of suicide, walks with you through the stages of being the one left behind. Filled with consoling guidance and prayerful hope, it will invite you to move from anguish to peace, from darkness to light, and from despair to hope.

  • Faith Development

    Beyond Pain – Job, Jesus, and Joy

    Beyond Pain is an in-depth look at how people can not only live with pain but come to see it and all suffering with the eyes of faith.

  • Family & Marriage

    Let This Be The Time – Spiritual Essentials For Life’s Second Act

    The second half of life offers many opportunities for growth, discovery, and new meanings. Janet Schaeffler helps you explore them with wisdom, prayer and a deep sense of appreciation for who you are and who you are still becoming.

  • Faith Development

    Show Me The Path – Cultivating a Life of Discernment

    Sometimes the chaos and questioning of everyday life can be overwhelming.  This book applies a faith perspective to making choices and finding one’s way, using practical examples and stories. In addition, questions for reflection make this a good choice for parish prayer groups and book clubs.

  • Children's Books

    Teaching Kids to Care

    Reflections, Activities and Prayers on Practicing Virtues.
    Organized by 25 virtues—compassion, empathy, justice, and more—this essential resource also includes brief reflections and prayers for each virtue. The ideas and approaches can be used at home, in classrooms, or in small or large groups to help children of all ages grow into the compassionate and caring people God created them to be.