Project Compassion theme inspired by burning bush

Caritas Australia launched Project Compassion earlier this week, its annual fundraising and awareness appeal during Lent. This year’s theme has been inspired by the story of the burning bush in Exodus 3:1-20.


One day, Moses’s sheep wander off and he suddenly encounters a bush that is burning but not consumed. God tells Moses that he has heard the cry of his people. God responds to injustice and chooses Moses to speak to Pharaoh. Moses is scared but God promises ‘I will be with you.’ All the time, God remains a mystery. Moses wants more detail, so God simply says that this is the same God who has been longing for justice for the whole of history: ‘By this name I shall be invoked for all future generations.’


As God called Moses, so now God calls us to work ‘for all future generations.’


Caritas says schools, parishes, organisations and individuals are encouraged to donate, as well as walk, swim, cycle or run, host their own events such as raffles or trivia nights, or give something up for Lent.


Kirsty Robertson, Caritas Australia CEO, said, “During Lent, we are invited to take up the call to fast, pray and give alms. From natural disasters to widespread conflict, the events of the past year mean that many communities need your support.”



People can donate through the Project Compassion donation boxes in churches, call 1800 024 413 (toll free) or visit:


Kirsty Robertson speaks about the importance of donating in an episode of Majellan Media’s Figuring out Families podcast series at:


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