Putting others first

The tragic deaths of seven aid workers including an Australian woman in Gaza last week highlights the dangers of working in war zones. It also highlights the selfless nature of people who want to help others, no matter the risk to their own personal safety.

The death of Zomi Frankcom from Melbourne and six other World Central Kitchen workers in an Israeli air strike shocked the world.


Zomi, described by friends and colleagues as kind and “doing the work she loves”, knew the risks but was determined to deliver food to Palestinians facing famine and disease. The deaths of Zomi and her co-workers happened a day after Easter Sunday when Christians celebrated the resurrection of Jesus, someone who well understood selflessness and the need to help others.


We don’t need to look as far afield as Gaza to see people who are struggling. While it doesn’t get much worse than trying to survive in a war zone, there are people in our own communities who struggle.


Many people do great things every day that we don’t necessarily hear about. They may not put their lives at risk in war zones, but they do good things for people who are less fortunate than themselves.


There are a number of community service organisations in Australia that assist people experiencing poverty, hardship, discrimination and disadvantage. Volunteering and being connected to your local community can be enormously beneficial.



Sadly, it’s been reported that about 200 aid workers have died in Gaza over the past six months, but their work continues to inspire. We should all be moved by the likes of Zomi and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.


Perhaps moved enough to do volunteer work in our own communities?


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