Romance and fun go hand-in-hand

Any counsellor will tell couples that it’s important to keep their relationship fresh and that fun and romance are vital ingredients for any relationship to succeed long-term.

Here are some tips on how to support a healthy and vibrant connection with your partner.

A special candlelit dinner: Prepare one of your favourite meals and turn your dining room into a romantic ‘restaurant’ by setting the table with your most decorative dishes. Include candles and flowers for that something extra special. The atmosphere can be extended to the entire house with candles in every room and turning off the lights.

Time to reminisce: It is easy to get stuck in a relationship ‘pothole’. One of the best ways to reconnect is by looking through old albums (or photos on your phone) and reminisce about some of your most enjoyable times together.

Turn off the television:  Switch off the TV and look at your spouse/partner instead! Who knows what kind of fun will unfold without any phones, TVs, or computers that tend to run our lives these days. You might even discover a new blemish or freckle on your partner!

Play an old-fashioned game: Shake up your routine by playing a classic board game like chess or Scrabble. Even better; play a game designed specifically for couples to help you reconnect and get to know one another even better.

A bubble bath: Take a warm bath and fill it with your favourite essential oils or bath bombs. Make it even more romantic by surrounding your bathtub with candles and rose petals.

A double feature: You and your loved one each select a movie. But you’re not allowed to complain about the other person’s choice! You both have to sit through the other’s pick whether it’s your favourite genre or not. 

Love letters: Before your date night, write each other a thoughtful love letter. Declare your true feelings and try to make the letters as personal, detailed, and sincere as possible. You might unleash something pleasant that had been dormant.

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