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22.09.2021 Video Mass Group
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Brendan Byrne

Brendan is a Majellan staff member and a Melbourne based writer

Closed churches have been one of the hardest aspects of the pandemic lockdown. Fortunately, many parishes have been streaming masses for their parishioners. Starting a video call with friends is a great way to add a sense of community to these masses. You can start your own video mass group by following these steps: 

1.Choose a video of a Mass 


✔️ The links below provides many streamed Masses depending where you live 

2. Start a video call with friends and parishioners 

✔️ You can either zoom, facetime or video chat on Facebook messenger 

3. Host plays streamed Mass and shares screen with the meeting 

✔️Pause to discuss homily with the group 


Streamed Mass Links

Video Call Instructions

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