Strong families equal strong societies

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David Ahern

David is the editor of The Majellan

When we read about rampaging teenagers involved in home invasions, car jackings and serious assaults, our minds often spring to their home environment.

We ask, “Where are the parents and why are these young people, who are as young as twelve, causing such terrible mischief when they should be home in bed?”


All very reasonable thoughts and questions but with no easy answers.


Families are the fabric and glue that hold society together. Strong families represent cohesion and solidarity but when they break down, things can go awry, and badly. More and more, it’s sad to say, we see marriage breakdowns, domestic abuse and disintegration of the family unit.


If there’s no structure and discipline in the home, children not surprisingly lose control. They have no sense of being and purpose and delinquency can be the outcome.


These issues aside, the integral role of families is recognised by governments, churches and religious institutions worldwide, including Majellan Media, a ministry of the Redemptorists Oceania.

So, each year on May 15 we celebrate International Day of Families. This year’s theme is Families and Climate Change.


The United Nations created International Day of Families 30 years ago. The Catholic Church, like the UN, believes in the importance of families and how they can contribute to a better, safer and more sustainable world.


While International Day of Families in 2024 specifically aims to raise awareness of how climate change impacts families and the role families can play in climate action, families continue to play a vital role across all aspects of society.


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