The need to care for women

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The surge in domestic violence cases sparked rallies around Australia at the weekend with people protesting the appalling number of deaths.

Twenty-eight women have been killed by their partners or former partners so far in 2024 and Australians have rightly said “enough is enough”.


May 1 is the feast of Saint Joseph the Worker, a man who epitomised the best of what men can be. When Mary told Joseph she was pregnant, he could have walked away or become angry knowing he was not the biological father, but he did not.


He stayed true to Mary and raised Jesus as his one and only son. Joseph the carpenter, devoted husband to Mary and loving father to Jesus is a fine example of how men should live their lives, providing love and support to their families.


It is important to note that while domestic violence mainly affects women, men can also be victims.  


Victoria police say they arrest around 80 men a day over family violence that include homicides, assaults, stalking and property damage, and have responded to 94,000 incidents in the past 12 months. The situation is frighteningly similar in other states and territories.



There is no easy answer to ending domestic violence but it’s up to all of us to call it out wherever we witness it or hear of it. Staying silent is not the answer.


No one should put up with any form of abuse, whether it be emotional or physical. Some organisations that can assist people in abusive relationships include:


Full Stop Australia: 1800 385 578

1800 Respect National Helpline: 1800 737 732

DV Connect Women’s Line: 1800 811 811

MensLine: 1300 789 978


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