The plight of refugee families

Families have been fleeing their homes because of war and other conflicts for centuries. Unfortunately, we still read about people trying to escape dire conditions to provide a better life for their families.


People do not flee their homelands unless they face persecution or other dangers, and they don’t get on leaky boats and risk their lives unless they fear for their safety.


Refugee Week, which is being held from June 16 to 22, highlights the perils that many individuals and families face day-to-day. This year’s theme is ‘Finding Freedom: Family.’


Pope Francis says, “Every encounter with people on the move as migrants or refugees in an encounter with Christ. It is an occasion charged with salvation because Jesus is present in the sister or brother in need of our help.”


The Refugee Council of Australia says this year’s theme encapsulates the profound journey of resilience, strength, and unity that defines the refugee experience.


“This Refugee Week, we aim to shed light on the transformative power of familial bonds as chosen in the face of diversity and emphasise the crucial role families play in providing solace, support, and a sense of belonging to those forced to flee their homelands.


“This theme invites us to explore the stories of refugees who, despite the challenges they encounter, discover a source of freedom within the embrace of their families.


“The resilience of families torn apart by conflict or persecution inspires communities to come together and extend a hand of solidarity and compassion to those seeking refuge.”


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Refugee Week will be held from June 16 to 22.


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