Then and Now

Margaret Peters from New Town, Tasmania was pleasantly surprised when she read the Autumn issue to see a photo of her eldest grandchildren, James and Stephen Bourke when they were wee tackers in 1988. “I am now the proud grandmother of 18 grandchildren,” says Margaret who sent in a more recent image of James (pictured right) and Stephen (centre) with their brother, Andrew. The photo was taken at Stephen’s engagement party earlier this year.

Meanwhile, Christine O’Donoghue from Kerang, Victoria has shared a photo of her four children. “They are all university graduated adults and so far my husband Gerard and I have ‘almost’ five grandchildren. We have been blessed,” she says. “In the tradition of this wonderful Mother’s Saint, our eldest son is Joseph Gerard, eldest grandson is Harry Gerard, both called after my husband. My mum always had this magazine in my childhood and I’ve been receiving it since I married 44 years ago. Thank you for a great little magazine.”



Thank you also to Edmund and Cecilia Lai from Meadowbrook in Queensland who sent in a family photo from Christmas 1999 and 2020.

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