Then and Now

There are family reunions, and then there are BIG family reunions. Thanks to Luisa Franchina from Coburg, Victoria (and her daughter Alexandra) for sending in a photo of their extended family (Sciuto) get together late last year. Far too many people to name personally but no doubt it was a grand affair and enjoyed by one and all.


Helen White from Grange in Adelaide says when her first baby was born at Calvary Hospital in 1966 one of the nuns, Sister Claire, gave her a copy of The Majellan. Fifty-six years later and she’s still reading the magazine. In 2007, she sent in a photo of her seven grandchildren. On Christmas Day she took an updated photo of her grandchildren (Back left to right) Andrew, Katherine and James Gibb. Seated: Christopher, Nicholas, Matthew and Claire Jaksa



Theresa French from Pittsworth, Queensland, the winner of our digital radio competition last year, emailed to say it was great to have her four daughters together again after three years apart (from left to right) Emma, Gretel, Charlotte and Jessie. Nothing beats a family reunion. P.S. She’s loving the digital radio.

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