Then and Now

Henry Jozefowski from Cairns emailed The Majellan recently thanking us for sending our 70th anniversary book to him and his wife, Mary. He said the book brought back many memories and the many blessings from St Gerard that “helped us through our many years”. Sadly, Mary passed away aged 86 in November. “We had our 65th anniversary in May 2022, and now I will still keep up the subscriptions to the magazine as I do enjoy reading it even at this age of my 90th,” said Henry.


Images: Henry and Mary enjoyed 65-years of marriage and celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary with their children.

Rebecca Turnbull let us know her mother, Joy Opie from Heidelberg Heights in Victoria passed away last year. Joy was Joy was on the front cover of The Majellan in 1959 (see photo). Rebecca said her mum loved the magazine and was a valued member of the Majellan family for 62 years.



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