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David Ahern

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The residents in parts of NSW must be wondering when the blue skies will return. This week the state is enduring yet another big rain event and severe flooding.

Sydney and its surrounds have already had record rainfalls this year.

As of Monday, more than 30 evacuations were ordered across NSW including Camden, Menangle, Liverpool, Wallacia, Milperra, North Richmond, Penrith, Sackville, Upper Colo and Windsor. One man was pulled from the raging Parramatta River but couldn’t be revived.

The prevalence of east coast lows this year, courtesy of a stubborn La Nina event has been devastating for many families. No sooner have homeowners dried out, and in some cases renovated, their homes have been inundated by floodwaters once again. It’s heart-breaking.

Many homes are not insured because premiums are far too high.

The NSW State Emergency Service has been called out to more than 1800 emergencies and has been involved in almost 100 flood rescues since Sunday.

If this latest rain event isn’t bad enough the Bureau of Meteorology says another La Nina event could occur by the end of the year, bringing more heavy rain and extreme weather.

It would be a ‘triple dip’, which has only happened twice since the 1950s. But meteorologists say triple dips are very rare and it’s difficult to predict if a third La Nina would be weaker or stronger than the past two years.

In the meantime, many NSW residents will follow a familiar path and spend the next few weeks and months cleaning up.

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