Uniting as one to beat cancer

There wouldn’t be too many families that don’t have a close relative who hasn't been affected by cancer. Each year about 165,000 Australians are diagnosed with some form of cancer and almost 2 in 5 Australians will be diagnosed with the insidious disease by the age of 85.

While the success rate of people surviving cancer long-term has increased dramatically in recent decades, more work needs to be done, especially against some of the more aggressive cancers, pancreatic amongst them.


On Sunday February 4 World Cancer Day will be celebrated worldwide. A global initiative led by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC), this year’s theme is Close the Care Gap.


Each year, hundreds of activities and events take place, with gatherings in schools, businesses, hospitals, marketplaces, parks, community halls and churches. Every individual has the ability to make a difference, large or small, so together progress can be made in reducing the global impact of cancer.


Created in 2000, World Cancer Day has grown into a positive movement for everyone, everywhere to unite “under one voice” to face one of our greatest challenges.


While we live in a time of great advancements in cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment, many people who seek cancer care face obstacles such as income, education, geographical location and discrimination based on ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability and lifestyle.



By raising worldwide awareness, improving education and coordinating individual, collective and government action, we are all working together to rid the world of cancer, where everyone has access to life-saving cancer treatment and cancer care is available to everyone, no matter your circumstance and where you live. 


If you know someone who is being treated for cancer why not send an online prayer request to Majellan Media at: https://majellan.media/your-prayers/


Your prayer intention will be offered at a private Mass celebrated by the Redemptorist community.


For more information about preventative measures and available support services go to: https://www.cancer.org.au/


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