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It is a sad fact that many families struggle at Christmas. While it should be a time for families coming together and enjoying one another’s company over a meal and a few drinks, unfortunately that is not always the case.

Christmas is all about rejoicing the birth of the Christ child. However, quarrels amongst siblings and parents and their children are commonplace in some families and Christmas instead is a time of great anguish. The good cheer of the festive season is nowhere to be seen and some find it difficult being in the same room as their relatives. Some even boycott Christmas and stay well clear of family altogether.


Every family is dysfunctional to some extent. That is part of the human condition. We are not perfect and sometimes we squabble with the people we love the most. While many arguments are resolved with an apology, a kiss and a hug, some rows fester and take on a life of their own, almost to the point of no return.


The art of forgiveness is fundamental to being Christian. We all make mistakes and if we are in the wrong, as we occasionally are, then saying sorry is an important first step. But as Elton John so aptly describes in his hit song from the 70s, Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word.


At Majellan Media we want to help families be the best they can be and to that end we want to bring people together to communicate, share information and hopefully bond as a family. This issue of The Majellan includes a wraparound (our first ever) with information about our new initiative The Dinner Table.


While family mealtimes for many used to be just that – parents and their children sitting around the dining room or kitchen table sharing a meal and talking with one another – families today do not observe that practice nearly as much.  


Everyone seems to be busier while the introduction of new technologies like iPads and smart phones have changed the family dynamic … and not always for the better.


The Dinner Table page on the Majellan website has advice, prayers and fun activities for families to reconnect and bring them closer. There are also recipes for easy-to-cook meals that the whole family can enjoy.


Jesus often ate with his disciples and total strangers, sharing food, drink and a friendly conversation. They would have discussed many things, from the politics of the day to the weather. Some things never change.


Jesus clearly enjoyed the company of others and during his time on earth his messages to the people he met on the dusty paths he travelled were simple truths; foremost amongst them to “treat others as you would like to be treated”.


Christmas gives us the chance to spend precious moments with loved ones and friends. Importantly, it is a time to rejoice the birth of our saviour. From the Majellan family to your family, every blessing and thank you for being faithful readers.


Have a safe Christmas and New Year and we look forward to your continued association in 2023.


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