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R M Williams, Australian bushman and entrepreneur once said only a fool doesn’t believe in God. The man who created finely crafted leather goods lived to the ripe old age of 95 and was a true believer to the end.

The same sentiment about foolishness could be applied to climate change deniers today. How foolish not to believe our climate is changing and how foolish to believe we shouldn’t do all in our power to protect our environment.

How anyone could dismiss the evidence or ignore what Australia has faced in recent times is beyond me. Drought, bushfires and floods have ravaged parts of the country over the past three years causing untold damage and heartache to those who’ve been so badly affected.

We all know Australia has at times experienced changing and extreme climatic conditions, but the frequency and severity have increased. The vast majority of the world’s leading scientists can’t all be wrong. They have been harping on about climate change for decades and it’s only in relatively recent times that governments the world over have started to listen … and act.

Pope Francis has said that “we are at the edge” with climate change and the time for action is now. He has urged nations to act courageously in addressing the issue and to learn from the coronavirus pandemic of the need to create “a just, equitable, environmentally safe planet.”

I’ve always held the view that irrespective of how much humans are responsible for climate change, we should leave the planet in a better condition than when we arrived. Endless arguments about how responsible humankind is for the changing conditions is missing the point, regardless of where the blame lies and if there is blame to apportion.

Irrefutable fact. The last ice age only ended around 11,000 years ago so the climate is always changing.

People need to ask themselves; do they want the oceans filled with plastic endangering the marine life? Of course not. Do they want the pristine Australian bush littered with cans, paper and cigarette butts? Again, that would be a big no. Do they want their children and grandchildren to grow up in towns and cities free of choking, contaminated air? That would be a definite yes.

It’s incumbent on each and every one of us to look after our home, our local community, our country and our planet. I know when I’ve had a party the need to clean up straight away is almost an obsession because I dislike a messy house.

The old proverb, ‘Cleanliness is next to godliness’ comes to mind.

We should all be like-minded on this issue which is one of the reasons Majellan Media is participating in Catholic Earthcare’s program to be more environmentally aware (see previous story).

Planet earth is our collective home. It is for us to share and enjoy. It is not for the greedy and selfish to desecrate and spoil for future generations.

World Environment Day will be held on June 5.

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