Welcome to a new school year

The new school year for many young Australians began last week. The summer holidays have come and gone, and for school-aged children it’s back to routines, the classroom and study.


For parents, the thinking has been along the lines of schoolbooks, new shoes, school bags, haircuts, bus and train timetables and lunch boxes.


The start of a school year can be a daunting time for families, especially with the rising cost of living.

A few tips for first time parents


  • Tell your children that it’s normal to feel nervous and worried if they are attending a new school
  • Encourage your kids to talk about what they’re feeling. If there’s something particular that they’re nervous about, start a conversation
  • Children love structure and when they start school their usual routine will change, so work with them to write up a daily routine and discuss how the day will work


For students returning to school

  • After a long free-and-easy summer break, it’s understandable if a more seasoned student is reluctant to go back to school because of all those structures and rules
  • There may be an unresolved issue from the previous year, so try and get your child to talk to you if you sense something is wrong
  • If your child has a more serious issue like bullying or learning difficulties, take up the issue with the school


And it’s not only children who can suffer from nerves early in the school year, mum and dad may also become anxious, particularly new parents. But so much gets down to the planning.


Be well prepared and the process will be much smoother. For example, attend transition days with your child and talk to the staff and other parents who are not new to the school about any concerns.


The important role of grandparents should also not be forgotten, as many do the drop-offs and pickups these days with both parents working.


Footnote: More tips provided by Kidspot Australia at: www.kidspot.com.au


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