Breaking Down Addiction

Ever wondered where to draw the line between a harmless habit and a potential addiction? Our Chatter Matters episode brings light to this very question with our young panelists and our expert, College youth worker and student counsellor, Chock.

Join us as we venture into a candid conversation about the various forms of addiction that permeate our society, from the grip of hard drugs to the subtle-yet-pervasive role of mobile phones. Our panelists’ raw accounts of how addiction weaves its way into the fabric of everyday life will certainly give you food for thought and lively discussion.

We encourage you to actively engage with this pressing topic. Hear from our panelists and experts as they share their real-life experiences and learn to identify the signs of addictive behaviors. We aim to supply you with some insights and techniques to manage and break free from these potential chains.

This episode is more than just a conversation, it’s a step towards understanding and confronting addiction in our society and its impact on our youth. Tune in and let’s chat about how we can safeguard ourselves and those around us.

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