Focus Sessions Overview with Derek Boylen

Welcome to Figuring out Families by Majellan Media where we look at the issues affecting families in the modern world.

At Majellan, because we believe family matters most, we’ve produced several resources to help all families be the best they can be.

We are very pleased to be joined by Derek Boylen, an experienced marriage and relationship counsellor and a lecturer in relationships at the University of Notre Dame. We have put together this most valuable series which we are calling the Focus Sessions.

In this short overview we highlight aspects of family relationships and how this series can help in strengthening your family relationships. We hope you’ll find the series beneficial and get some insights on issues you may face in your family.

Hosted by David Ahern, Majellan Media

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Need more?

Derek Boylen is an experienced relationship counsellor and is available for private consultation.

To enquire about private sessions with Derek, or have a specific question about family and relationships answered go to our website and complete the enquiry form here  Enquiries are made in the strictest confidence.

Majellan Media because family matters most

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