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David Ahern

David is the editor of The Majellan

Daylight saving starts across most of Australia this weekend ... and that spells good news for families who love the longer daylight hours.

For six months Australians can revel in the longer days which means more time to spend with your partners, children and grandparents.

Those who work can enjoy more special moments with their family and friends at the beach, having a barbecue in the backyard, or just chatting well into the twilight hours.

The start of daylight saving on the first Sunday in October also means sunnier and warmer weather is on the way.

The idea of aligning waking hours to daylight hours was first proposed in 1784 by Benjamin Franklin. In a satirical letter to the editor of The Journal of Paris, Franklin suggested that waking up earlier in the summer would result in significant savings and save on candle use.

In 1968, Tasmania became the first state since World War II to adopt daylight saving. Victoria, New South WalesQueenslandSouth Australia and the Australian Capital Territory adopted daylight saving in 1971. Today, only WA, Queensland and NT don’t observe daylight saving.

So, remember to turn your watches and clocks forward one hour before you go to bed on Saturday night. If you forget, you could wake up slightly confused on Sunday morning.

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