27 September 2022

Saint Gerard Majella – 2

The Second instalment in our series. St Gerard Majella is the patron of Majellan Media. We derive our name from him.  For each one of us his life is a sharp reminder that we all possess great talents and nobody is useless. 

He was once labelled as ‘useless’ and was always in poor health. However, St Gerard had two great talents: He had tremendous love for God which he expressed in long hours of prayer and he had an enormously generous heart.

In his six short years as a Redemptorist Brother these gifts flourished amazingly to bring miracles of peace and healing to many.  We encourage you to read his life story in this 4 part series.

A world hungry for change

Tomorrow is International Day of Food Loss and Waste Reduction. The UN-inspired event is aimed at alerting people to the amount of food that is thrown out each day in a world where the number of hungry people has been rising since 2014.