Welcome Cheryl Brodie

We welcome Cheryl Brodie to the Majellan team as Communications and Marketing Officer.

Cheryl’s own values include a commitment to her faith and her family. She shares that after working in corporate roles within health care and education, it became apparent to her that her faith life was a shared goal paramount to a satisfying workplace. It is evident from Cheryl’s career and academic commitment that she has a passion for all things communications. She enjoys studying online in the field of journalism at Griffith University and these skills in writing reignited a passion of hers for poetry.  

It was during COVID-19 lockdowns that she became preoccupied with communicating her faith via social media resources to help other people struggling with the ongoing lockdowns. It was clear that she had skills from faith and worship that would assist her community in much needed resilience in difficult times. Cheryl found herself writing a story most days for socials and sharing her own poetry via Facebook. All the while, she was developing her own resilience. Cheryl learnt that during this process “authentically sharing our character and lived values is extremely successful in growing engagement with community and families because people bond with a story.”

Cheryl comfortably reflects on her own personal health and journey and shares with us a deep connection to faith. 

Cheryl likes not to make too much of a fuss about how she was born with a tremor in her body which appears in both of her hands. While her left hand is slightly weaker exercise helps to strengthen this condition. Born with a genetic difference she considers herself blessed. She says that she didn’t make too much of a fuss until  society reflected that she had something different from the normal or a disability of some kind that was often misunderstood for anxiety or MS.

In so far as awareness of our own gifts she felt her resilience grew from a strong sense of God from a very young age. We are amazed at her courage to talk about her disability and her commitment to speak up for all people who have to deal with being ‘different’.

Cheryl says, “A big thank you to you all at Majellan for making me so welcome and especially to Tony for persevering and looking for the right candidate for the role and one with a unique skill set via the disability recruitment channels. I was walking by faith and it is apparent that our connection is through our good and faithful Lord.”

In joining the Majellan team, Cheryl would like to be constructive in bridging perceptions and rectifying breakdowns which are evident in human relationships, particularly those in our current fast-paced online culture. 

A few items of poetry might appear in our newsletters from time to time.  Here’s one Cheryl has shared:

Unanswered questions

I am still here
The questions are new
More of them too
I’ve stopped wondering if you’ll answer
Because you always do

CA Brodie

You will be hearing from Cheryl regularly and all of us at Majellan are looking forward to working with her to deliver our mission to families. We wish her every blessing and look forward to her valuable contributions.

2 thoughts on “Majellan’s newest team member”

  1. Welcome Cheryl May you enjoy this new path in your life and I wish you every blessing and look forward to reading your articles 🙏

  2. Evelyn Anastasi

    Dear Cheryl Brodie,
    A very warm welcome to Majellan Team. Wishing you all the best for the future and God’s Blessing,
    on all the work you are going to do. Congratulations.
    Best Wishes.
    Evelyn & Tony Anastasi

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