Marriage Preparation Session Four with Veronica and Andrew Schoenmaekers.

In the final session of our marriage preparation series Andrew and Veronica wrap up the key points couples need to consider when preparing for the ‘big day’.

Marriage preparation is not about having all the answers but exploring the differences and having an opportunity to talk about these differences. Veronica and Andrew share some of the many varied situations they have come across in their 16 years of being with couples preparing for marriage and outline the key points all couples should be aware of when in a relationship.

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The book Your Wedding offers useful advice to engaged couples who want to marry in the Catholic Church. There is information on discussing future expectations with your partner, how to plan your wedding and what to expect on your wedding day. There is also a section with answers to questions that you may have wanted to ask but didn’t feel you could. Suitable for Catholics, those planning a mixed marriage and those wanting to get married in a Catholic Church.  Click here for more information

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