Preparing for Marriage Session 1 With Andrew & Veronica Schoenmaekers

Pre-marriage education programs aim to help couples build stronger relationships as they prepare for marriage – and a lifetime together!

They are designed to help couples to put relationship theory into practice and

learn how to:

  • explore their relationship’s strengths and differences
  • find ways to grow their friendship
  • build skills to navigate and manage conflict
  • discuss the challenges that they may face and plan positive ways to respond
  • think creatively about a vision for their future and the marriage they want to build

In these Preparing for Marriage Sessions Andrew and Veronica Schoenmaekers who have been married for 42 years share their experience as facilitators of the FOCCUS marriage preparation program for over 16 years.

These podcasts are a great resources for anyone considering marriage.

You can also view a great pre-marriage resource here

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