Quiz 33 – Baptism….

Quiz 33 – Baptism….

Dive into the Scriptures and explore the significance of baptism as a transformative act of faith. From the baptism of Jesus to its impact on early believers, this quiz delves into the waters of biblical knowledge to uncover the truths about this sacred rite. Challenge yourself to understand the role of baptism in the spiritual journey and discover how it marks the beginning of a new life for many. Explore the passages, answer the questions, and deepen your understanding of this vital sacrament that is a cornerstone of Christian faith.

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1. In the Acts of the Apostles chapter 8 there is a passage about Simon in Samaria. What led to Simon’s and the people’s belief in Jesus and their subsequent baptism?

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2. In the Paul’s Epistle to the Romans (Chapter 6) he emphasizes the significance of  us as being united with Christ in baptism. What does Paul say we are we baptised into?

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3. In the Mark’s Gosepel describing the baptism of Jesus, what descended upon Jesus when He was baptised?

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