Quiz 64 – Levitucus continued

Quiz 64 – Levitucus continued

Thank you to those who completed our survey. We now resume our Bible Quiz series!
This edition focuses on Leviticus chapters 6 to 18, exploring the intricate laws and rituals that shaped ancient Israelite worship. Test your knowledge and deepen your understanding of these sacred texts with our challenging questions.

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1. Chapter 10 tells us about Nadab and Abitu making unholy fire. What were Aaron and his remaining sons instructed by Moses not to do after the death of Nadab and Abihu?

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2. According to Leviticus 7:11-17, what must be done with the flesh of the thanksgiving sacrifice of well-being if it is not eaten on the day it is offered?

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3. On what day of the seventh month is atonement made for the people of Israel?

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