Quiz 36

Quiz 36 – Peace

This week our quiz focuses on passages that emphasise the importance of peace. Explore the verses and see how well you understand their messages. Dive into the scriptures and embrace the teachings that inspire us all to be peacemakers in a world that greatly needs it. Take the quiz now and see how well you know the Bible’s guidance on making peace!”

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1. According to Matthew in chapter 5,  verse 9 (the Beatitudes), who will be called children of God?

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2. The letter of James, contains a passage about wisdom.  According to James 3:17-18, what is the wisdom from above characterised by?

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3. In Paul’s epistle to the Romans Chapter  12 he describes the marks of a true Christian. He writes about love, honour and hope.  In verse 18 he writes: “If it is possible, so far as it depends on you, _______________ all.

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