Let us not forget the suffering and lives lost due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has been going for:


We will continue this timer for the duration of hostilities as a reminder that lives are being lost, millions of people displaced and the ongoing suffering that war brings.

Pray for the people of Ukraine.  Pray for peace.

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2 thoughts on “Russian Invasion of Ukraine”

  1. Father, son and Holy Spirit and Mary, please carry the Ukraine people and be there strength in an impossible situation which only you God can solve if people respond to your guidance and pure Love.
    Provide the Russian people with the ability to stop there leader taking them down a dark evil path.
    Mary, queen of peace please help peace prevail.
    St Gerard, please help all the pregnant mothers and young children to prevail and not be permanently impacted.

  2. We feel helpless being so distanced from you & we can in no way fathom the suffering & trauma you are enduring. We can however, offer our prayers for you all. In Jesus’ powerful name, we ask for an end to this terrible conflict & for comfort & peace to the thousands of displaced people. Also for eternal rest to those who have lost their lives & for the pain & grief of their loved ones left behind. Amen

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