Scripture Quiz – number 2

Weekly Quiz
Weekly Quiz

Scripture Quiz – number 2

This week’s quiz is ready for you to take up the challenge with another three questions to test your knowledge.  The answers now include relevant scripture passages so you can compare your answers.  It is a great way to learn and read bible passages. If you want to compare how you performed to others, check out the overall results of last week’s quiz here.

Note: spelling is important you may not be credited with a correct answer.  Incorrect spelling may result in a wrong answer being recorded!

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1. Who was St Paul’s first partner in ministry?

Ref:  John’s Gospel, Chapter 1:28

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2. How does John the Baptist describe Jesus when he proclaimed: ” Behold, there is the _________ of God’?

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3. Who’s Mother asked Jesus to grant her sons to sit at his right and left?

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