Seeking Help with Family Financial Issues

Research shows that financial hardship is the biggest cause of family breakdown.

Many families have gone backwards during the pandemic and people feel embarrassed if they have money issues and this could happen to anyone and people should not feel shame but seek help. Serina talks about what to do if you have financial issue, how to identify the causes and talks about the types of things that lead to financial hardship.

She also shares some simple tips for families if they feel like they’re going backwards.

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Author, podcaster and blogger Serina Bird, a former diplomat who has worked for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, offers her expertise to assist families who are struggling with financial problems. Serina provides advice and tips to help others on her own podcasts titled The Joyful Frugalista at:

Figuring out Families by Majellan Media aims to help families be the best that they can be.

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