Winter 2022

Happy homecoming

Let’s be honest. There hasn’t been much good news about lately. The war in Ukraine, rising interest rates, increased power prices, the cost of living … the negative news seem to be on endless rotation.

The joy of raising children

When I went into the kids’ bathroom last week and saw 18-year-old Sam’s undies in their usual spot on the floor, I sat on the edge of the bath and cried. Empty nest syndrome was something I had read about with only passing interest but it had finally come home to roost.

Baby’s on the way

Natalie Pope writes, ‘There was one night late in my pregnancy, in particular, which I remember with great fondness. I was 36.6 weeks pregnant and my mum and Nonna came over and cooked me chicken soup (the Italian cure for all ills). I heartily ate the soup. It was made with such love.’

Sainthood for Saharan monk

The Catholic Church welcomed a new saint into its midst when Pope Francis canonised Charles de Foucauld at St Peter’s Basilica on Sunday May 15. The canonisation marked the end of an extraordinary journey for the former soldier, Trappist monk, explorer, hermit and priest who wanted to imitate the life of Jesus Christ.

Don’t suffer in silence

Some families have done very well financially during COVID-19 while others have struggled. And with inflation, the cost of living and interest rates rising, the next few years for some could be even more difficult. While there are those that have excelled, for people who have lost their businesses, are in a lower income bracket, or work in retail or aged care, the picture is not so rosy.