Winter 2023

Why we should pray

In this third article in a series on Prayer we remember the words of Saint Augustine, ‘Late have I loved Thee, O Beauty so ancient and so new’. Our first Nations peoples have been in touch with this ‘beauty’ for around 60,000 years.


Stressing over money

One of the biggest issues for couples often revolves around their finances. They come into a relationship with different ideas about money which I refer to as money ‘habitudes’. That is, people have certain habits when it comes to spending their money.


The next World Youth Day (WYD) is being held in Lisbon in early August. As with past events, organisers are expecting tens of thousands of young Catholics to descend on Portugal to take part in the myriad of local community and mainstream events.

Desire for the Divine

This is a second article developing the Apostles’ cry: Lord, teach us to pray!

We continue to pray with St Augustine: ‘Late, have I loved you O beauty so ancient and so new, Late, have I loved you.’

How often should families eat together?

How often should families gather for a communal meal? Such a good question and the answer may differ from family to family. It’s more about the quality. With couples, for example, there is a lot of research on how much quality time they need to maintain a healthy marriage.

My inspirational Ma Ma

When I was in primary school, it was a regular activity at the start of Term One to draw a picture of your family. My illustrations (texta outline filled with pencil shading) always showed an extra adult. And they always had a baby in them, though the identity of said baby varied over the years. By the time I finished primary school, my family had reached its full shape. Three boys, three girls, three grown-ups.

A special love

Grandparents play a very important role in the life of their grandchildren. They, along with their parents, help to teach their grandchildren how to show love, respect, compassion, sharing, and kindness.