1 February 2020

We rejoice the Easter message

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the famous Lutheran theologian, spent his last days in a Nazi concentration camp. In 1945, on his way to execution, he called back to those he had left behind in his cell: “This is the end for me – the beginning of life.”

Viewpoint Autumn 2020

Summer holidays are usually a time of relaxation and enjoying the company of family and friends. The days are long and barmy and the parties and get togethers are loads of fun.
This summer past, however, was very different. There was little to excite and much to lament.

Cost of the big dry

This has been a summer to remember – but for all the wrong reasons. Australia’s eastern states have experienced one of the worst droughts in living memory, culminating in severe bushfires, dust storms and floods in some areas.

Tokyo’s on Nat’s radar

Natasha, who was 28 at the time, had suffered from a lifetime long litany of health woes. But little did she know that her life was about to take an even darker turn. Boxing Day dawned frosty and cold. Much to her confusion, when Natasha opened her eyes, all she could see in the centre of her right eye was a large, blurry spot.

The pilgrimage saint

How Jan Dvořák became Clement Hofbauer and a Catholic saint is a complex story. He was born in 1751 in the small town of Tasovice in what was then Moravia, and is today the Czech Republic, almost 200 kilometres from Prague.

Coming Together

Whether fighting fires, assisting evacuees, supporting those who lost loved ones in the fires, helping to rebuild towns and lives, caring for injured, thirsty and frightened wildlife, or donating money to the many charities and community groups assisting vulnerable people, Australians stepped up.

Supporting Your Autistic Child

The cause of autism is unknown but likely multifactorial. Both genetics and the environment are thought to play a role. Boys are four times as likely to be diagnosed as girls.

There is no blood test or brain scan that can diagnose ASD; rather, it is done by studying an individual’s developmental history, observing their communication skills and social interactions, psychometric testing, and examining for neurological deficits.

Nature’s Revenge

Pope Francis has been one of the most prominent voices internationally warning about the ‘catastrophic’ dangers of climate change in his 2015 encyclical Laudato Si’.

Yet some people are annoyed with Pope Francis because of his constant advocacy for urgent action on climate change. But Francis insists climate change involves crucial moral issues, threatening the life support systems of the entire planet.