A bright start

William and Florence Carr faithfully lived in their home they called Kuring-gai next to the Brighton Yacht Club for around 40 years. But after Florence died in 1964, three years after her husband, the estate was sold to the Redemptorists.

In an interview published in a 1965 issue of Australian Home Beautiful, Father Vincent Page, who was the Majellan magazine’s manager, said no “real changes” would be made to the house.

There had been a request that the building be maintained in its original condition, without alterations or additions. Whenever repairs were needed, said Father Page, the material used had to be as close as possible to the original. The original taps, light switches and other fittings were also retained.

To cater for the Majellan’s needs, however, the original billiard room/ballroom in the basement was turned into an administration area and a room on the ground floor was turned into a chapel.